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Annual Report


2020 was another great year for our credit union.  The Board of Directors and our Manager worked very hard to make the credit union more sound and more competitive. Remember,  you can now make loan payments with your credit card.  Credit cards accepted are Master Charge, Visa, and Discover.  Also,  you are able to make loan payments by ACH or payroll deduction.  Call our office for information on these matters.


The State Examiner conducted the annual examination of the credit union in June.  There were a few findings, which were corrected during the examination.  The capital position of the credit union is strong, asset quality is good as evidenced by the absence of loan losses, and earnings are positive.


  •              Board of Directors


                        Chairman: Harold Bostick         3-1-21 to 2-28-23
                        Vice Chairman: Gabriel Sanchez      3-1-21 to 2-28-23
                        Secretary: Aubery Adams         3-1-21 to 2-28-23
                        Membership: Ray Taylor                 3-1-20 to 2-28-22
                        Director: David Parks              3-1-20 to 2-28-22
                        Director: Mark Smith               3-1-21 to 2-28-23
                        Director: Loyd Chittenden      3-1-20 to 2-28-22


Download the annual report by clicking here.